Friday, April 1, 2011

Arizona Trivia Question

Friday's Arizona Trivia Question:

Q: What POP Culture Icon film a movie in 1968 in Tucson?

Extra credit: if you can name the studio and film?

Be the first to answer the trifecta correctly, and become the proud owner of a T-shirt from Marshall Shore: Retro Spectacular. [caption id="attachment_399" align="alignleft" width="304" caption="100 % up-cycled T-shirts created by Marhall Shore"][/caption]


  1. Is the movie the mini skirt mob? I was not sure what you were asking.
    Directed by Maury Dexter
    Produced by Maury Dexter
    Starring Diane McBain
    Patty McCormack
    Harry Dean Stanton
    Vic Diaz

  2. Oh and the studio was Old Tucson Studios. I hope I'm right and not answering like an idiot!

  3. Henry Fonda

    Once Upon a Time in the West


    ( I cheated)

  4. Andy Warhol; my late friend, Dr. Warren Anderson was involved in making the film....

  5. Andy Warhol
    The Factory
    Lonesome Cowboys

  6. Congratulations, Dave you are the winner of a T-shirt!

    Andy Warhol
    The Factory or Old Tucson
    Lonesome Cowboys

  7. YES, the last time I won anything (a fishing pole) was when I was 6 yrs old, I'm a little older than that now. Hopefully you have an XL available, otherwise please donate it to a more fitting recipient.

    Thank you.