Monday, October 25, 2010

Phoenix in a Hurry: Kingston Trio in the Valley

Phoenix in a Hurry:Kingston Trio in the Valley
Featuring: Screening of Young Men in a Hurry (1963)
Q&A with Bob Shane - founding member of The Kingston Trio and
Bill Zorn - currently a member of the Kingston Trio
Hosted by Marshall Shore - Phoenix New Times, Best of Phoenix 2010

Where: Arizona Historical Society Museum
Papago Park, 1300 N. College Avenue, Tempe, AZ

When: Thursday, Nov 18, 7p
Doors open at 6:30, No reserved seating

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Monday, October 4, 2010

The story before My Florist Cafe

My Florist Cafe with that iconic neon sign [caption id="attachment_203" align="alignleft" width="450" caption="My Florist, Neon sign"]My Florist, Neon sign[/caption]recently closed to dismay of many. Ever wonder about it’s origin? My Florist was opened in 1947 by Vada Pearl Schwartz who became a local legend because of her flamboyant behavior and fondness for orchids. She was know to wear a purple dress with a purple orchid every day. If by chance she was not wearing an orchid your flower order was free. The store was purple inside and out including all the delivery vans. Speaking of purple transportation, she drove a one of a kind purple auto of the future circa 1950’s [caption id="attachment_202" align="alignleft" width="380" caption="Besasie X-2, custom built by Raymond Besasie of Milwaukee"][/caption] Guess that explains the Purple background of the sign! She was also know for her unorthodox behavior, such as ride a on a horse into the flower shop and holding up the place. When Vada died in late 1966, her daughter Norma Brooking took over. Like her mother she ran until she too passed, but then the employees took over the store via a trust that Vada had set up. The employees ran My Florist until 1996 when it closed. Then part of the building become a favorite bakery in town Willo Bakery, leading to success of the restaurant that doors were locked and closed Oct, 2010.

Special Event!

Phoenix in a Hurry: Kingston Trio in the Valley A Special Presentation by
Marshall Shore: Retro Spectacular

When: Thursday,  Nov 18, 7p
Doors open at 6:30, No reserved seating

Arizona Historical Society Museum
At Papago Park
1300 N. College Avenue
Tempe, AZ 85281

Tickets: $20 via

Viewing of -Young Men in a Hurry - 1963 TV pilot featuring The Kingston Trio and filmed in the Valley of the Sun
Q&A with
Bob Shane - Surviving founding member of The Kingston Trio
Bill Zorn - Currently a member of the Kingston Trio

Hosted by
Marshall Shore

The Kingston Trio is an iconic American folk and pop music group that altered the direction of popular music in the U.S. In 1957 three buddies started a band. Taking folk music, and adding a pinch of comedy, the band worked hard and found an enthusiastic audience. About one year later, The Kingston Trio recorded their first album. Later that year, four of their albums were listed by Billboard Magazine in their list of the top ten. A record that still stands unmatched
Even if you aren't old enough to recall their meteoric rise in the music world, you might be surprised how many of their recordings you have heard "M.T.A," "Tom Dooley," "The Tijuana Jail," "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" " and my favorite, "Scotch and Soda," Possibly more important than any individual songs is the fact that The Kingston Trio has been credited with the revival of folk music in this country.

Bob Shane, the surviving founding member of Kingston Trio. Bob 1934 born and finished high school in Hawaii, came to the mainland to attend Menlo College in California. Bob returned to learn the family business in 1956, but was drawn back to entertainment.  Performing on the island, he was billed as "Hawaii's Elvis".  In 1957 he joined his high school singing partner Dave Guard and college friend Nick Reynolds to form The Kingston Trio.

Bill Zorn born in 1948 and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 1961. After studying music and drama at Arizona State University, Bill earned a place with The New Christy Minstrels where he performed, directed and toured. Then becoming a member of The Kingston Trio for three years. Leaving to work with his brother in England. After a successful career. Bill and his wife Jo had the opportunity to move back to Phoenix, and Bill currently performs, with friends, as a member of The Kingston Trio.

Young Men in a Hurry unaired pilot, filmed in 1963 on location in Phoenix and at Paramount Studio. Featuring the Kingston Trio portraying recent college graduates who are close friends and roommates (at the Martinique.) Drive down Central in a in a convertible, with John the lawyer, Nick a real estate salesman, and Bob is featured as a bank teller whose current job is a source of tension between him and his rancher father (protrayed by Ted Knight who would later gain fame on “the Mary Tyler Moore Show” as Ted Baxter). The three fellows trade on their status as members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce to play music together as a means of making extra money. "Oh Miss Mary" and "Goin' Away For To Leave You" are featured, along with the Trio staple "Coplas!" and the unreleased John Stewart-penned theme song, "Young Men in a Hurry."