Monday, July 26, 2010

My night with a goat and turning new leaf

I spent Sunday night with a goat @ Mabel's in Scottsdale. Now before you say that's a Packer hangout, remember I am sports challenged. [caption id="attachment_120" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="On Main St. & Goldwater"][/caption]

They hosted a premier party for the new season of Mad Men. The main bar was full of period aficionados dress to the nines. We were escorted to a bookcase that was a secret door opening on to a private lounge. Where the adorable Steve Farley and his wife Kelly Paisley and I dined on some amazing food. Especially like the ice cream sandwich. [caption id="attachment_121" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Steve Farley and Marshall Shore"][/caption]

Kelly Paisley of course being in hot pursuit of saving Beefeater's asked to speak the manager and told Mickey how much we liked the place and learned of it's former life as a Packer's bar. We learned that the goat, or patron saint and image heavily repeated was found during the removal of the sport memorabilia.

So there you know how I spent the night with a goat. I also alluded to a new leaf. While catching up with Kelly and Steve I realized how much is going on in adventure filled life. Cut to a recent event where I was talking with Tony Arranaga the lightrailblogger and lamenting my lack of blogging. He mentioned it takes 21 days creates a habit, so I challenging myself to blog for 21 days and create a habit.

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