Thursday, July 29, 2010

Masque of the Yellow Moon

Yes day four of my personal 21 day blog-a-thon! and still going strong. What a great day today has been. It would have been easy to go print some t-shirts or work on something else, but OMG exciting stuff. Began the day at Lux, they really great espresso on the rocks and brioche filled with black berries, No pic because I ate it (YUM.) Ran in Taz and we had a quick talk about before my meeting with Jody Crago a Museum Director in Chandler. We talked for quite a while about the stuff he cool stuff he is planning and the intersections of stuff I am doing with AZ History and building community. I mentioned Masque of the Yellow Moon and that in 2011 it will be celebrated at Trunkspace and Chandler.

This summer I went to DC and one mission was to locate via Library of Congress the only copy of Frede Grofe and his piece call Valley of the Sun Suite that is catalog in a library. Now before I even went Matt Heil found and online version, Yuri recently found a copy hereI think the link to the piece is dead now ....

I just found a copy at lastfm and here is a free link for it here.

So there will be a recreation of the MYM next Spring on Grand Ave and very likely in Chandler!

For those that made all the to the end I offer this pic of a ticket stub from MYM the last it was presented 1955. This came from my friend Donna who I met during the Heard POP Art show. We recently met at Copper Star and gave this stub from went she went to go see her brother perform. [caption id="attachment_159" align="alignleft" width="896" caption="Masque of the Yellow Moon and Donna\'s brother"][/caption]

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  1. Looking forward to restarting this tradition at the Trunk Space