Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lounging in a Time Capsule

Neon, taxidermy, baseball and leopard print naugahyde wagon wheel rocker. Not my usual descriptors of how I spent my weekend. But this was no average adventure. I found myself at a time capsule motel, The Buckhorn Baths in  Mesa, Arizona, closed 1998. Driving out Main Street almost to Apache Junction is a colossal neon sign, once meant to lure weary travelers to the motel. Once there you are enveloped in Arizona history. The late 30's, Ted and Alice Sliger drilled a well and struck liquid gold, or mineral water. Those healing waters led to the opening of an early spa. Attracting the attention of New York Giants and Chicago Cubs. This was place where the players would relax and prepare for spring training. The beginnings of the Cactus League. Now the Buckhorn also houses the largest collection of Arizona taxidermy that is astounding to see. This iconic time capsule, needs your help! There is a up coming bond election in Mesa and a portion of that is to acquire the Buckhorn. After that private funds will be sought to bring this well worn piece of history back to life so that others can enjoy the history, the neon, baseball and that gorgeous leopard print naugahyde wagon wheel furniture.

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