Monday, September 17, 2012

How to be Two Places at Once

Now normally I would say that this is not possible, but  …. let me explain... Introducing a spectacular collaboration called “Arizona Unzipped.” It’s an Arizona history themed burlesque show that is brought to life by the talented performers of Scandalesque and narrated by HIPstorian, Marshall Shore. It includes history of Arizona's territorial day at Tombstone’s infamous Birdcage, the early adaption of prohibition , Phoenix’s own Playboy Club, Legend City Arizona's amusement park and much more. Narration includes interviews with a member of one of Arizona's first motorcycle gang and a Playboy Bunny as well as a few clips from Arizona 8mm. The performances will be 28 and 29 of Sept. at the Phoenix Center for the arts, at 1202 North 3rd Street  Phoenix, AZ. Together, we have been talking about this event for a quite a while and I am thrilled to see it come to fruition. Scheduling this show was no easy task. When the dates were locked in, I had a conflict; Arizona Unzipped vs. a trip to LA for a Totally 80’s event at the Hollywood Bowl. Scandalesque had the perfect solution! I could do both. Cloning was not the answer, because I will be appearing at Arizona Unzipped via video. Filmed last week at the Jackson Street studios and includes multiple costume changes of eye wear, suit coats, and rhinestones. Though technically I will not be there, I will be there larger than life on the big screen . Regretfully, I will see it after the fact on video. The event will be amazing and there is hope that we get other chances to perform the entire show live, another time. Get your tickets will you can!

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