Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did Arizona have Gay Marriage First?

New York is getting a lot of press for passing gay marriage. But, It might not have been first. It may well have been legal in the state of Arizona since July 3, 2005. That’s the day that Spain legalized gay marriage. Now if your scratching your head let me explain.

The story begins in the early 1800s long before the United States had acquired the territories that would become New Mexico and Arizona from Mexico. It is the only land in northern Arizona to trace back to a Spanish Land Grant. Meaning it might still be subject to Spain’s law not US? The original Baca homestead was near the city of Los Alamos, New Mexico and was abandoned because of violence. Years later the family returns and finds their homestead inhabited. Kind of like goldilocks and the three bears, but here instead of the returning bears scaring her off. Congress authorizes the bears to select 5 plots of uninhabited land. Baca float No. 5, is located in our own Yavapai County, about fifty miles northwest of Prescott. Colonel William Cornell Greene bought the Baca Float #5 and the Mahon Ranch in the 1930s, turning them into the ORO Ranch, AzORO Ranch (pronounced "oh-are-oh"). Operated under the same name but it is owned and kept under lock and key by the secretive JJJ Corporation. Kind of interesting to think that a road trip to Spain is possible without a plane or boat, or that anyone could get hitched there.

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