Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cooling off in the Dry Heat: What Do Crave in the Desert?

Yea, summer has arrived in the snap of the moment. I am investigating refreshing things to consume after waiting for train via light rail and getting walking home. Also, with Paul’s birthday and the 4th coming up I wanted to try a new cold something. The Greater American Cook BookEnter into the picture a newly aquired cook book The Greater American Cook Book, edited by Ruth Berolzheimer, Director, Culinary Arts Institute printed 1942. picked up for the end papers and being a fan of modern cuisine I couldn’t resist the section titled Western cook book of Pioner and modern recipes. Images of a moderne ranch kitchen busy filled with the greatpioneer and modern recipes? smells, but it’s too hot to fire up anything inside. So instead, I stuck the buckets of the ice cream maker in the freeze ready to make a buttermilk sherbet, but instead of pineapple I’ll be using blueberries and including some strawberries for a great red, white and you get the picture. So off to Basha’s I went, of course the flagship store on 7th Ave with it’s tall beaconing fin, it’s hard to resist. Butter milk and blueberries on sale, score. By the time I got home Paul had already had dinner and dessert. The actually making has been delayed until the weekend. I’ll let you know how it turns out. But What are your favorite things to consume in the heat?

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