Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Marshall Shore, Arizona's Hip Historian, has launched a series of postcards highlighting classic neon signs by Phoenix sign designer, Glen Guyett. 
Phoenix is a Gas postcards include:
#1 - Designer collector card
#2 - Bill Johnson’s Big Apple
#3 - My Florist
#4 - Courtesy Chevrolet
#5 - The Buckhorn Baths Motel
#6 - Mr. Lucky's 

Created in collaboration with local photographer Leland Gebhardt and artist/designer Stephen Farley, nostalgic postcards capture the beauty of these iconic commercial signs as they continue to define the landscape of the Valley.

Phoenix is a Gas are limited edition collectibles done as an homage to the classic Petley view postcards. $2.00 per postcard or $12 for the complete set of six. A percentage of the proceeds from sales benefit neon sign preservation in the Valley. Postcards are available locally at The Clarendon Hotel, Made Art Boutique, Antique Sugar, and Etsy.

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