Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Bunny of a Different Sort

Now that Spring has arrived and that bunny business is over. Let's chat about the other Bunny. Yes, the Hugh Hefner inspired black and white Playboy Bunny. More specific the Playboy Club that was right on Central. Across from what is Park Central, at 3033 N. Central. Located at the very top, not the 8th floor, but squint and strain your eyes for a glimpse of the elusive penthouse on top of the 9th flr and it's large balcony.
Fifty years ago, in the valley, would have been the first time your classic cocktail have been served with the world famous Bunny Dip, by a young lady wearing her custom made suit donning a tail and ears. All the clubs had closed in mid 80's. Though, with it's live music venue that featured the likes of BB King, strict rules against customer/ server relations and a support female environment there are many fond memories of prior guest and former employee. In memory let's do the Bunny Hop

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