Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Smart Phone Photo Phobia: Cured

Taken with Android phone
You are out and about when suddenly the most amazing thing happens. But, when reaching for the trusty camera,  I sometimes come up empty. No time to try and figure out where my camera might be. The pic is that important and a must take. Putting down my phone I realize that hey it’s got as camera. This used to cause a strained looked of disappointment meets disgust to wash over my face.

That was until recently, I took a smartphone photography class at Capture 12  with Stephen Gittins in his office in the amazing monOrchid. Think Art Gallery meets hip office space.  The discussion was on how to improve the quality of images, how to share them. Since the class, I have now ventured into the world of camera apps to get better control of my images. and downloaded two apps for my driod and contemplating a third. It was fun and easy to get over my smartphone photophobia and to meet with others interested in documenting their environment with the convenience of at the ever ready cell phone. No if only I can keep it charged up!

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