Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Phoenix Alert: Hotels in Danger

Phoenix is under a global microscope, as the David Wright House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, for his son. Is under fear of destruction and the New York Times, BBC and local news sources have taken notice. While the world is watching this Arcadia home; Downtown Phoenix is on alert. A permit to demolish two historic buildings has been issued. I am writing about the Madison and St James Hotels located near Central and Madison, two block north of the train line. These two hotels considered SRO’s, single room occupancy, or considered to flop houses. Though they were built to accommodate the travelers and weary business men coming to Phoenix on the, now passenger less rail. Located in the warehouse district they share a unique history of Phoenix that no other buildings can. The Madison hotel was built before Arizona was a state, in 1909 and the St James was open in 1929. There has been some press garnered to inform the public of the intent to create another parking lot, Vanishing Phoenix, the Arizona Republic, and Phoenix Business Journal. Via Facebook a few people like Chris Petroff and Michael Levine have set up pages to raise awareness of peril of these historic hotels or offer alternatives.  Even, My Plan Phoenix has an idea under Save our Historic Buildings, "Please tell the Phoenix Suns NOT to demolish the Madison and St. James hotels! Let's not destroy what little history we have!!!!!" How can you help? Contact your elected officials! Let them know that our history is important to our community!

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