Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thank You for a Great Centennial

Centennial and Best Fest! What a once in a lifetime celebration met so many history minded folks! Hopefully, I can soon report on some of the treasures that were located (with pictures of course.) Valentines Day or Statehood Day in Arizona was an awe inspiring presentation about Masque of the Moon. Just like that long running Phoenix event this event was steeped in community. From the oldest indepenent record label that recorded in 1952 and provided the music, to friends as models, Perry Monge Salon for additional models and hair and makeup! It was a moment when those three dresses from Phoenix Union Alumni Association appeared on stage for the first time since the 30’s. Right down to the jacket that was created by Glen Guyett, a great sign designer. I still get goose bumps thinking about the excitement of offering this obscured bit of history, back to the community that created it.
Here is a short list of thanks:

The team that organized the Centennial Celebrations

Costumes: On loan from Phoenix Union Alumni Association, Donated by Billie Jane (Becker) Baguley; Gay 90‘s (1937), Russian Military(1935), & Art Deco Aztec (1936) worn by Jenny Kuller

Hair, Make up, and additional models: Perry Monge Salon

Centennial Sport Coat: by Glen Guyett.

Arizona State College (Tempe) Symphonic Orchestra Conducted/ Composed by Ferde Grofe.
Recorded by Arizona Recoding Productions, Phoenix. Known as Cayon Records
(Canyon ARP 249)

And you that make this all possible!


  1. Hello, Mr. Shore,
    My name is Sebastian Maldonado, and I am with the Downtown Devil online news site. I would like to interview you about the Arizona Rattlers ad on the Lurhs building. When is a good time for me to interview you? I would like to set up the interview after 1 p.m. tomorrow. Please get back to me at and/or my cell phone number (646-261-0522). Thanks, and have a good week

  2. Well, Marshall, this is my 57th year in our Valley. From the days when the Westward Ho was the tallest bldg. in town. Did you see the video with you on the projection screen Wayne Newton's stage used? Take a look?

    Mike Scully