Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Arizona... Memory Project

What if people shared their First Arizona... memories? Here is my first go at it:

There will be more like my First Arizona... Meal. What are your First Arizona... Memories? It can be written or a video. How was your First Arizona... Kiss, road trip, skinny dipping, or cocktail?

The goal is to share your First Arizona... Memory.

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  1. We moved to Phoenix from Minnesota when I was 5 and my sister was 3, back in the 1960's. We drove out here with our Springer Spaniel hunting dog, Gypsy in the back of our big old station wagon. Gypsy was used to fetching partridge in the lovely lake country of Minnesota and Michigan. Dad took her out dove hunting on the Pima Maricopa Indian reservation. Naturally she didnt understand what cactus was! She thought a cholla cactus was a bird and brought it to dad, sadly with a mouthful of spines. He had to pull them out of her poor muzzle with pliers.